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LG Renovations is a general contractor specializing in storm restoration. We are a local, family owned & operated company established in September of 2013. We look to keep our customer service as a focus in the forefront of our business by actively staying in tune with the specific needs of each individual customer. Our industry background originates from providing customers with homeowners insurance policies while working for State Farm insurance for just over 4 years. From there, we shifted to assisting our customers in assuring that their insurance claims are properly accounted for before providing our quality restoration services needed to bring the home back to its original state prior to being affected by the natural elements that come with our Texas storms each year. Our inspections and consultations are a complimentary service used to bring awareness to our customers and us as a business, letting us know if the damage found is sufficient to qualify as an insurance claim. We have provided this service since 2010.
Picture this! You're driving home from a long day’s work and it’s not until you approach your home that your attention is suddenly turned to the shingles missing from your roof or maybe you notice your fence leaning when the day before it stood upright. You may even have water coming into the home! Been here before? There are many other examples that could cause concern for your home but there is good news! LG Renovations takes pride not only in understanding how the property is affected by storms or the extent of the damages that might occur, but our emphasis is also in assisting our customers through the best paths to restoring your beautiful home.
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